Who We Are!


My name is Kendra Fletcher and I am the owner of KF Scents, LLC. I'm from a small town in South Jersey, which gave me the drive to want more out of life. I began making candles during the early part of the pandemic.  I am positive that I'm one of many selling candles. I never had a desire to own or run a business, but God had different plans for me.

It started with me being on a journey to “find myself".   I wanted to learn more about myself.  For instance, what am I good at or what are my hobbies. I felt as if I were the only person that didn't have a hobby. My cousin later presented me with the opportunity to learn a hobby.  I chose candle making because I love candles. After experimenting with this new hobby, I've grown to love it.  So for about a year now, candles have been my passion.  I even dream about them, lol, seriously. I plan to keep working on my skill and perfecting my craft to the fullest. With that being said, I present to you, KF Scents LLC, and I pray that you all enjoy my products as much as I do! Stay tuned for my growth and watch me work!!!